Sunday, May 25, 2014

Venetian Life on the Water

Its a tough life on the water...

Could you imagine living here and hopping in your boat rather than your car?

"Just going up the street, honey, to get a loaf of bread!"

While I did not ride on a gondola I did have fun watching other people do so.

Just got off the clock.

The view from the water taxi is pretty spectacular!

How heavenly is this to be in a city with no cars!

Good parking job.

Even when it rains its a-o-k.

Need a lift?

Gondola repair shop?

If I had it boat it would definitely be this color blue.

Fun to play with abstract compositions.

I sat for an hour here and made a painting of this scene, realizing my fantasy of painting "plein air" in Venice...see....

...getting inspired by John Singer Sargent

Sargent watercolors article here

Had to take a selfie on the water.

Even the blurry photos are okay.

Goodnight Venice, until we meet again....
All of the photos were taken on my most recent trip to Venice this past April.  I spent three wonderful days in this magical city.  Will tell more about my Italy trip soon, but thought Venice would be a nice place to start since its warm out and water is on my mind.

Speaking of, I went to the swimming pool for the first time yesterday, and left, season pass in hand.  Can't wait to get back into lap swimming this summer.  Do you have any special summer routines you are starting again?

Thanks for stopping by!

(all photos courtesy of me)