Sunday, September 14, 2014

400 Paintings at Bridgette Mayer Gallery

Bridgette Mayer Gallery Benefit for Ballet X opening reception 

 I traveled to Philly last weekend and attended the opening reception of the Ballet X exhibition at Bridgette Mayer Gallery.  It was a vibrant and diverse show and invigorating to look at so many different kinds of painting all in one space.

While it was crowded, I did manage to snap some images of my favorite pieces from the over 200 artists that created 400 paintings.  Hope you enjoy browsing; all works are 10x10" and the sale of the works will help fund the Philadelphia ballet company Ballet X!  I have one painting in the show, which is pictured near the bottom of this thread.

Clara Fialho

Katia Sotzer

Rebecca Saylor Sack

Janell Olah and Emily Ost

Michael Perrone

Tim McFarlane

Charles Burwell

Dorothy Frey

Jenny Brown 
Bryce Hammond

Julie Kahn

Heather Ramsdale and Ani Rosskam

...and there's my little painting, second from the left on the top row!