Sunday, March 18, 2012


photo credit:  Neest blog

Simple.  I love simple things.  In browsing virtual-land, I came across this company out of France called Neest.  (I am desperately trying to remember how I found them, it may have been another blog, or Pinterest but eek, can't remember!) Their products for the home are designed with elegance and simplicity in mind and are influenced by both Japanese and Scandinavian design.   Check out their blog for more home inspiration!

In a hectic world full of constant motion and stress inducers, our visual surroundings can play a part in how we take in the day.  I love finding objects that visually remind me to stop for a moment and take a breath.   

Simplicity and taking a moment to breath are what I had in mind in this new series of drawings only available through my Etsy shop.  Here is one from the series:

watercolor and graphite on paper

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