Thursday, April 19, 2012

Art Arrived in the Mail

I am excited to share my first Etsy purchase with you.  It is hard to believe I have been working on my Etsy shop for about eight months and have not bought anything until now (all that intensive ballet class I grew up doing, if it taught me anything, it taught me discipline!).  But, it has finally happened, I have finally made a purchase!

There are sooo many wonderful artists and makers on Etsy, it can be overwhelming (in a most truly wonderful way!).  I made a deal with myself that I would save money earned on Etsy (as tempting as it can be to spend it as soon as I make it, like the time in college when I worked at a book store, hmm, enough said).

Like many artists on a tight budget, naturally I would love to buy something, then don't because I probably just bought a $20 tube of paint, right?! and then have probably just ran out of Cadmium Yellow.  And then Cobalt Teal.  You get the picture.

So the other day, I was reading the Etsy blog and came across a Fresh Shops feature on this wonderful new shop: Totem Color Blocks!  Look...

Immediately, I must admit, I was hooked, taken in by the inviting photos of these darling structural neckpieces.  Drawn in by their minimal form and elegant, yet simple color palette, they shouted at me with their wonderfully coordinated hand-painted hues.

Then I read a little more about these charming wooden blocks in an interview of their maker, Pamela Foeckler, from California, who worked as an art conservator.  She states:

"The titles for my pieces are mostly dramatic landscapes.  I take an image and distill it down to the most elemental colors.  It's a reductive process, but it helps me absorb and understand the true beauty of a place."

which she learned from her experiences painting museum objects, "breaking down complicated colors and patterns into their essential components."

Read more about these wearable structures on this Etsy Fresh Shop Feature:

...and, here is a peek at my new favorite piece of wearable art!  

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