Friday, April 13, 2012

Artist Feature: Stephanie Pierce

I love this painting by Stephanie Pierce whom I found on  Here is an interview of her by Neil Plotkin featured on the blog Painting Perceptions:commentary on perceptual painting, moderated by artist, Larry Groff , a landscape painter out of San Diego.  Stephanie talks about the impact of location on her work, her process of painting, and shifting perspective.  Good stuff!

The longer I look, the more I am completely blown away by her paintings!  As I gaze I feel I can take a breath in the space she presents us with (and I am imagining how much more incredible this experience would be in person).  Her ability to depict the atmospheric conditions of a room and the way she captures the shifting light within a space as a day flutters by, is what, to me, makes these so remarkable.    

Pierce's paintings are really something special.  Of course, many others have taken notice.  You can see and read more about Stephanie and her work on her website and on other blogs too, like this one, Arrested Motion.  

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