Sunday, April 1, 2012

In the works...

March has been a really productive month in the studio.  This spring I have been feeling very settled into my (relatively) new space located in the Chase Street Park Warehouses in Athens, Georgia.  Here is a peek at what has been going on in there lately... 

I currently have about 30 canvases going,  all at different stages of progress, and am bouncing in between all of them, working them up together.  I have found this way of working to suit me best.  This way, the paintings all feed off one another and if I get an idea for a new painting in the midst of painting, I have a place to immediately get the idea down.   

It has been serious fun painting this past month.  Color has been a primary area of focus, trying to explore new color relationships and challenge my palette.  

I have also recently discovered the beauty of mining through older work for new source material.  This process has lead to my recent series of watercolor paintings, of paintings.  The above is one made recently based on this painting:

Right now, I am getting ready to hang new work at our Athens local Heirloom Cafe (LOVE their FOOD! If you haven't eaten there yet, eat there soon!!).  Paintings will go up in early May.  More details to come!

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