Monday, March 11, 2013

Flower Power

During yesterday's blast of Georgia spring I bought myself some flowers and then proceeded to stay INSIDE all day painting.  Thankfully, I finished my painting and because of the time change, managed to squeeze in a stroll downtown to enjoy the later last hour of light and perfect 70 degree weather.

Since I now have a bouquet of flowers sitting on my kitchen table, I spent my entire day looking, drawing, and painting them.  (Now it is raining so I don't feel so guilty being inside.)  Today I made a number of quick watercolors from direct observation and also played around with some pattern ideas using my tulips and lilies as inspiration.  

The more I think about why I make paintings, the more I keep coming back to the idea of putting something into the world that is positive and uplifting; something you want to look at everyday and just makes the day better.  It goes without saying that flowers fits the bill.  After following a hunch last year to start painting them as a way to practice painting from observation and to feed my more non-representational work, I am coming back for round two.  

Simultaneously simple and complex, flowers are just beautiful, period.  Here is a little of my enjoyment of them, today:

And here is some of my inspiration.  The following are flower paintings by some of my favorite artist and designers.  Take a breath, relax and enjoy as you ease into the week.  

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